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Key Tenant

Geared for Established Businesses



5 - 9 Product
Limited Variants
Integrated Logistics
Access to Funding
Business Support
Social Media Marketing

The Benefits of listing as Key Tenants

The goal for Key Tenants is to maintain strong partnerships providing them with opportunities for growth while offering customers a curated and diverse shopping experience.

  1. As a Key Tenant, we will ensure that your products are strategically placed on the homepage and in key sections of our website. We will feature them prominently in seasonal collections or trending product sections.
  2. Key Tenants will feature in blog content. Showcase the expertise of Key Tenants in the industry. This could involve featuring their unique production processes, sustainable practices, or the story behind their brand.  We emphasize what sets them apart and makes their products special.  This includes style guides, interviews with brand founders, or behind-the-scenes looks at their products.  These blog posts are shared on social media and in the newsletter.
  3. We collaborate with Key Tenants on seasonal marketing campaigns. This could include joint promotions, themed collections, or seasonal discounts.
  4. We develop targeted email campaigns specifically featuring products from Key Tenants, highlighting new arrivals, exclusive offers, or collaborations to keep existing customers engaged and attract new ones.
  5. We feature Key Tenants in regular social media spotlights. This could include Instagram takeovers, live events, or featured posts. Key Tenants are encouraged to share user-generated content on their social media channels, tagging Mall for Women.
  6. We encourage cross-promotions between Key Tenants. For example, if one sells clothing and other sells accessories, promote them together as a complete look.
  7. Key Tenants can participate in our loyalty programs that reward customers for repeat purchases. We offer exclusive discounts, early access to sales, or bonus points for Key Tenant products.
  8. We seek exclusive events for Key Tenants, either online or in-store providing VIP access or early entry to loyal customers, creating a sense of exclusivity.
  9. We collaborate with Key Tenants on giveaways or competitions. This involves customers sharing their favorite products, and creating user-generated content.
  10. We encourage and showcase positive customer reviews and testimonials specifically related to Key Tenants. This builds credibility and encourages potential customers to try products from trusted brands.