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Limited Variants
Integrated Logistics
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Social Media Marketing

    Benefits of listing as an Entry Tenant

     For Entry Tenants, who are often businesses in the start-up phase, the focus is on providing support, visibility, and opportunities for growth.  By focusing on support, education, and collaborative marketing efforts, we create a nurturing environment for Entry Tenants, helping them establish a strong foundation for their businesses within the Mall for Women platform.

    1. For Entry Tenants we create a dedicated "New Arrivals" section on the platform to showcase products. This gives you immediate visibility to customers who are looking for fresh and unique items.
    2. We offer personalized onboarding support to help Entry Tenants set up their storefronts effectively. We provide resources, tutorials, and assistance to navigate the platform and optimize product listings.
    3. We regularly feature a start-up spotlight on the Mall for Women website and social media platforms highlighting the story, inspiration, and key products of a selected Entry Tenant to introduce them to a wider audience.
    4. We collaborate with Entry Tenants on content creation.  This includes joint blog posts, social media takeovers, or behind-the-scenes looks at their business.  This collaborative content is shared across platforms to enhance visibility.
    5. We encourage early customer acquisition by offering special discounts on products from Entry Tenants. This not only attracts new customers but also provides Entry Tenants with an initial customer base.
    6. We conduct marketing workshops or webinars specifically designed for Entry Tenants. We cover topics such as social media marketing, branding, and customer engagement to empower them with essential skills.
    7. Regularly give shout-outs to Entry Tenants on Mall for Women's social media channels. We encourage them to share these shout-outs on their social media for broader exposure.
    8. We facilitate a sense of community among Entry Tenants. This can involve creating a dedicated forum or social media group where they can share experiences, ask questions, and support each other.
    9. We create product bundles that feature items from Entry Tenants. This cross-promotional strategy can introduce customers to multiple start-up brands at once.
    10. Organize collaborative marketing events or pop-up shops featuring Entry Tenants. This can be a physical or virtual event where customers can explore and purchase products from multiple start-ups in one place.
    11. We have established a mentorship program where more established businesses and industry experts provide guidance and advice to Entry Tenants. This fosters a supportive environment and accelerates the learning curve.
    12. We conduct regular check-ins with Entry Tenants to gather feedback, address concerns, and understand their evolving needs.  We use this feedback to refine and improve the support and services provided.