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Digital health uses information and communication technologies in medicine and other health professionals to manage illnesses, other health risks, and promote wellness. At Mall For Women we aim to be a complete ecosystem by ensuring that women look good and feel their best. 


Phoenix Life Improvement

Is a training, development and professional private practice services company that caters for the personal, professional and relationship capacity building needs of all our clients, whether individuals, couples, parents, families or within a corporate setting.
Aadila Pretorius is a Traditional Doctor in Ethnopsychology  and Hypnotherapy. She is a NLP & Neuro-Semantics Coach Practitioner, Life- Business- and Interpersonal Relationship Coach. Since 2001, she has helped individuals, couples, parents and families. She also does community talks and corporate events.  T/Dr. Pretorius specializes in Inner-Child-Work and Past hurtful and even traumatic events.  She helps individuals heal the body, mind and spirit, including the detoxification of emotional toxicity on a cellular level.

From Hypnotherapy that is aimed at healing and is therapeutic, T/Dr. Pretorius takes patients on a journey to re-invent themselves using Coaching tools under Hypnosis.  She rounds off these series of sessions with Self-Worth-Work.  Please visit www.phoenix-life.co.za for more information or to book an appointment.