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Monique D. Griffith, Founder of Serenity Well, has maintained a weekly ritual of indulging in a 90-minute home massage for over 19 years. Recognizing the profound impact on her overall well-being, she values this practice as a means to restore balance amidst the demands of work, home, and parenting. For her, these massages provide a sanctuary, allowing her to ground herself, release tension, and find solace away from daily frustrations.
Even her son understands and respects this uninterrupted time, appreciating the transformation it brings to her—a calmer, more balanced version of herself.

Believing in the sanctity of the home, she contrasts this experience with spa visits, noting the abruptness of spa sessions' conclusions and the subsequent rush to vacate the premises. In contrast, the unhurried atmosphere of the home allows her to savor the post-massage moments, whether in a robe, a relaxing bath, or the comfort of her bed. She firmly advocates for the extended destressing benefits that come from having massages at home, especially when shared with a loved one, deepening the sense of connection and relaxation.

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